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Strategic HR Manegement Solutions

Business Coaching

Whether you’re seeking a full outsourced HR solution, flexible HR consultant, or simply access to remote HR advice as needed, HEMC will work with you to develop the level of service that aligns with your human resources management needs.

Your Prefered Human Resources Partner

Our services do include studying behavioural problems facing the employee, diagnosing problems and providing solutions, including designing and proposing the training to enhance the performance and do include ethe provision of research and consultancies to business to achieve competitive advantage in marketplace

Premiers in HR Consulting & Services

For more than three decades of work experience within Human Resources in various diverse industries within GCC and been able to add value to various reputed organizations. Our expertise has achieved a highly record of success in various aspects of Human Resources for small, medium and large size of companies within the region. Our creative and passionate approach always been the motive behind such achievement by being a developer, designer, trainer, process expert, quality, compliance, and personal behaviour analyst.

Our Company do represent a professional firm who provides consultancies and studies to help improving the organizations performance, through analysing the existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. It involves procedural engineering, laying out flow charts and related documents circulation, internal policy formulation, organizational restructuring, and strategic plans development

Strategic HR Services

Our Consultants will work directly with an employer or management team to identify, review, evaluate and implement major changes in the workplace.

Recruitment Management

we know how crucial the right HR professionals are for your business, we have a proven track record of providing recruitment and selection services across GCC and Middleast.

Learning & Development

From short training sessions to tailored solutions for small or large organisations, our experienced HR consultants will work with you to develop and deliver customised solutions.

About Human Engineering Management Consultancies

We offer a comprehensive HR support system for your business. Complete, compliant and cost-effective, it’s like having your own legal counsel and HR manager on-call, 24/7, backed by the technology, expertise and legal protection you need for total peace of mind when it comes to employee management and workplace safety.

Mission, Vision & Values

“Explore all opportunities to contribute to the success of organisations and employees by providing creative and smart solution to support the organisational development and engineer new mind set of employees with relevant behaviours, skills and training

“To be recognized as high rank professional reliable Human resources Consultant within GCC & Middle East

“Honest Approach, Transparent, Effective &  Trustworthy”